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  1. Thank you for the reply I have taken your comments on board and have tried to make things a little simpler whist at stage of my development. when the users selects a certain 'WeekComm' the result could produce 4/5 rows looking something like this id: 1 Name: John smith id: 2 Name: Steve Jones id: 3 Name: Dave Smith id: 4 Name: Andrew Smith These 4 fields are just a very small part of the whole record for that row. Is it possible for there to be a more details link on each result which i could direct to a different page showing the complete record by capturing the id
  2. Hi Thank you for the reply I have tried closing the </table> tags but with the table being closed it limits my results to one record Where have i gone wrong with the location of the <form></form> tags? Sorry if i am asking sill questions but i am keen to learn. thanks
  3. anyone any ideas? thanks steve
  4. hi, thanks for the reply the structure of the 3 tables differ greatly, just share the 5/6 column names.
  5. The script is to keep the original data on the page when the submit button is pressed function storedata() { if(typeof(Storage) !== "undefined") { var WeekComm = document.getElementById("WeekComm").value; if (sessionStorage.WeekComm) { document.getElementById("WeekComm").value = WeekComm; } else { sessionStorage.WeekComm = WeekComm; } document.getElementById("res").innerHTML = "Your datas restored"; } else { document.getElementById("res").innerHTML = "Sorry, your browser does not support web storage..."; } }
  6. Hi i have a search page that pulls the results from 3 different tables within my database it is shows a snippet of each record with a submit button which shows the full record in a pop up form if the user decides to click on it. The problem i am having is that lets say for example the contract table pulls down 3 results, the button next to the snippet for the first result will open the desired pop up. However the button for the other 3 records directs to a different form for another table. Does anyone have any idea <?php require "header.php"; ?> <main> &l
  7. Perfect Thanks you Code kind of looks strange having a while loop in the middle of my table but it works great!!
  8. Hi I have the following code works well However, if there is more than one record in the search result it shows the table lables on every record rather than just the one is it possible to have the table lables for just the result headings and not on each line after <?php require "header.php"; ?> <main> <link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> <div class="wrapper-main"> <div class="welcomelogged1"> <p>Searching For A Starter<p> </div> <form action="" m
  9. Hi I am having some trouble with the positioning of my carousel and was wondering if anyone could give me some help All my images are 900px wide which is the with of "wrapper-main" I was under the impression as the carousel is within the div its position should be centralised. i cannot get it centred at all. Below is the HTLM below is the jquery.js i am using $('.owl-carousel').owlCarousel({ autowidth:true, dots:false, loop:true, margin:10, nav:false, pagination:false, autoplay: 10, centre:true, responsive:{ 0:{
  10. Thats done it! Thank you so much! Head has been mashed for days over it! Sorry one last question Whilst i plan on putting a paragraph in to say numbers only, is there a way to make this work if sombody enters say £10 in the pay and £20 in the Charge for the result to display as a £ Many thanks
  11. I have changed the case too of getelement to see if that helped it is now document.getElementById but still no different
  12. Hi Barand Thanks for the fast reply I have changed the script as suggested and when i press the calculate button i still get no values back I manually populate the pay field and the charge field and press the calculate button hoping it will populate the total field Thanks
  13. Hi Thank you for your help on this. I still cannot get this to work. To get my head around it i have created a new sheet so i can test to try and understand. <?php require "header.php"; ?> <main> <script type="text/javascript"> function Sum () { var Pay = document.formpay.Pay.value; var Charge = document.formpay.Charge.value; var sum = (Charge - (Pay * 1.295)); document.GetElementByid('Total').value = Sum; } </script> <form class="formpay" action="" method="post"> <br> <br> <tr> <
  14. I always thought the a item could have a id and a name so would you suggest changing the code to <td width="70" style="text-align: left"><input type="text" id="item1sum" Id="add" Value ="" name="item1sum" placeholder="item 1 sum"></td> <td width="70" style="text-align: left"><input type="text" id="item1sum" Id="item1sum" Value ="" name="item1sum" placeholder="item 1 sum"></td> with the script being <script type="text/javascript"> function sum () { var item1cost = document.formcharges.item1cost.value; var item1charge = docu
  15. I have done some changes to try and get this working am still hitting i block. I thought it was the document.getElementByID() not having a full path and have changed the inner text. Still no luck I have added a button so the input field is blank until button pressed then should populate with calculation. HTML <td width="70" style="text-align: left"><input type="text" id="item1cost" name="item1cost" placeholder="item 1 cost"></td> <td width="70" style="text-align: left"><input type="text" id="item1charge" name="item1charge" placeholder="item 1 charge">
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