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  1. Hi all, I've been having this weird issue preventing me from starting with one of my projects. I hope you're able to be of help. I have been trying to make a stylesheet link work, but no matter what the attributes applied to the stylesheet do not seem to be working. The preview code of the things working together will be placed below. (Also the PHP include file, tho I couldnt find a php selection for jsfiddle) Maybe the only thing I can add is that I might have edited an .htaccess wrongly in the rootfolder to force-redirect to the https://url automatically. (Although this seems to be working normally, may I have ruined the original file?) Things I've tried; Putting the stylesheet link inside and outside of the include.php. Putting the CSS file in a CSS folder and inside of the root folder. Check the consoles in different browsers (Firefox, Chrome) to see if I can find any linking errors. But ironically they both can find the file in the browser, but can't seem to link the HTML with the CSS preventing the attributes from working. Double(triple, quadruple) checking names and typo's. Simply removing the include.php to see how basic the issue is. And it is.. really basic. Hence my confusion.
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