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  1. Alright, so I play a browser game called Politics and War. I run an alliance that has 74 members. In that alliance we offer a bank service for all our members, but I - being the leader - am the only one who can access the bank. I have been building a site that works with the game API to gather data for members and create a dashboard. One of the features I am trying to build is allowing them to withdraw from their account instantly. So, what I need: To be able to submit a POST request to login to the site (specifically on this page --> https://politicsandwar.com/login) with my username and password, but then I need to keep the session active and navigate to a different page (the alliance bank page). On that page I first need to scrape a value from a hidden input (token) and then I need to submit a POST request to this same page while still being logged in. I am not asking someone to do it for me, but rather someone to help me know how to go about this. I have never submitted post requests with PHP, but I have used PHP cURL in the past. I also have made POST requests with JS, but never PHP. Thank you so much for anyone that is able to help!
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