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  1. Hi, Cannot put this together... what link do I use for my website to bring up the contents? The database is good, all the stuff is there. I did this... https://www.cloudways.com/blog/connect-mysql-with-php/#createfolder *********************** <?php function OpenCon() { $dbhost = "localhost"; $dbuser = "root"; $dbpass = "1234"; $db = "example"; etc.,etc. *********************** <?php /* Setup MySQL Access */ $DBhost = "localhost"; $DBuser = "duchaine_admin"; $DBpass = "(mypw)'"; $DBname = "duchaine_"; mysql_connect($DBhost, $DBuser, $DBpass) or die ("Cannot connect to database server"); mysql_select_db($DBname) or die ("Cannot select site database"); ?>(not uploaded, wanted to ask first - HTML page with above php inside?) (config) <?php error_reporting(0); // db bits here include_once("db_connect.php"); // site details $site_name = "American Family Recipe Database!"; // site name/title $site_url = "www.americanfamilyrecipedatabase.com"; // site url. Lowercase. Including the www. Remove any ending forward slash '/'. i.e. 'mysitename.com'. $site_admin = "duchaine1932@gmail.com"; // email address used for the contact page // other bits $default_header = "Over 22,000 free recipes online now!"; // used a default title text when one is not set $logo_slogan = "Over 22,000 free recipes online now!"; // shown beneath the main logo //DO NOT MODIFY THE LINE BELOW include_once("function-library.php"); ?> Thanks! Leo Duchaine (php wannabe)
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