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  1. Barand 😍🥰 Thank you so much, you are a genius 💗💞
  2. I have created this code but i think there's a problem with it <?php $array = array("test", "test", "hello", "test", "world", "world", "world", "hello", "test"); $j=1; for( $i= 0 ; $i <= 7 ;$i++ ){ if ($array[$i] === $array[$i+1]) { echo $j .= $j+1; } else { echo "1"; } }?> output = 1211112131213121411 not 2,1,1,3,1,1 😅
  3. Thank you Barand; This my array $Array = array("test", "test", "hello", "test", "world", "world", "world", "hello", "test"); Well, i would like to show a list with adjacent duplicates for example the word test 2 not 4 duplicates and finally the output will be like this 2,1,1,3,1,1 the problem that array_count_values show the all duplicates, i would like to show the adjacent duplicates
  4. There is no solution for adjacent duplicate in the link !!!
  5. Hi, thanks can you give me an example with code please 😇
  6. Hello; I would like to do the following operation; Count duplicate (adjacent) my code <?php $Array = array("test", "test", "hello", "test", "world", "world", "world", "hello", "test"); for( $i= 0 ; $i <= 6 ;$i++ ) { $j=1; if ($Array[$i] === $Array[$i+1]) { $j+=$j; echo $j; } ?> and showing something like 2,1,1,3,1,1 Thanks
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