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  1. OldGrim's post in How to solve: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool was marked as the answer   
    Thanks again Barand. This now works fine.
    $result = dbquery("SELECT post_id, post_title, post_date FROM ".DB_GRIMS_BLOG_POST." WHERE active='1' AND MONTH(post_date) = '$cMonth' AND DAY(post_date) = '$d'"); $data = dbarray($result); if (empty($data['post_id'])) { $id = null; } else { $id = $data['post_id']; } if (empty($data['post_title'])) { $title = null; } else { $title = $data['post_title']; } if (empty($data['post_date'])) { $evday = null; } else { $evday = strtotime($data['post_date']); } As I said before you guys are the greatest! Mainly because you know how to make US work for it and figure it out ourselves.
  2. OldGrim's post in Simple php calendar plugin trying to add linkable dates was marked as the answer   
    Check out my blog site when you get a chance Barand. Everything now works correctly. I have a friend that lives in California and we, together developed this blog and calendar. He has been working on it on his localhost setup on his computer. He took your calendar code as is and it works correctly on his computer so he sent me his calendar.php file to test on my live system and it works beautifully !!! I made the mistake of trying to split things up too much. (old habits die hard)... at any rate this project is now truly complete with all aims accomplished. Thank you so very much Barand. We really appreciate all your hard work. I wish my php skills were anywhere near your skill level.
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