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  1. I appreciate your help. I went page by page, link by link and found a few other errors like this and by you pointing this out, I figured out how to fix this error in my other pages too. It appears that the freelancer I hired for a project set it up like this. All of the areas needed fixed had to do with areas they had coded. You're the best. Do you have any interest in in using your knowledge to add new functionality to our website? Id pay of course within my budget and if I couldn't afford it, Id just wait on it until I could. The freelancers I have been working with have been great but it is
  2. I am on 5.6 right now, but am working on moving to 7.4 in the next few days.
  3. It didnt have quotes before and then was throwing another error. Thats why I added quotes. When quotes arent there it gives: NOTICE: Use of undefined constant ENT_IGNORE - assumed 'ENT_IGNORE' It also tells me... NOTICE: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: Read error! in /includes/classes/class.opengraph.php at 48
  4. If yall have a moment go read my introductions. The short version is that I lost a lot of my memory due to a fall I had in 2014 while working for the big blue retail store with one or two registers open! haha. I am not allowed to talk about it so maybe you will know who I am referring too. Anyhow before that I was pretty knowledgeable and was doing great at fixing things as they came up. Now unfortunately while working on something my mind sometimes slips and I forget what I was working on and cant solve issues. The last couple of days has been a struggle for me. I have a error showing up and
  5. Hello All, I had no interest in ever learning PHP. I took computer programming in school for fun because I was always a computer nerd. In 1995 at only 8 years old I began working on computers and repairing them. I had a Tandy 1000 running Dos, an older Apple PC that took 5.25 Floppies for Games, A Macintosh which I hated. And a pc with windows 3.1 up until the bug finally got me. Once I got a machine with Windows 95, I was hooked. I started tearing down machines, repairing and replacing parts, and setting them back up. I charged friends and family $35. It wasn't long before word got out t
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