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  1. if($pid != "") { $bname = $_REQUEST['bname']; $btitle = $_REQUEST['btitle']; $btags = $_REQUEST['btags']; $bdesc = $_REQUEST['bdesc']; $btext = $_REQUEST['btext']; $bimg = $_REQUEST['bimg']; $bimgalt = $_REQUEST['bimgalt']; $data = ""; if($bname!="") { $data = $data." 'bname' => ".$bname.", "; } if($btitle!="") { $data = $data."'btitle' => ".$btitle.", "; } if($btags!="") { $data = $data."'btags' => ".$btags.", "; } if($bdesc!="") { $data = $data."'bdesc' => ".$b
  2. It may be an urban myth but over the years I have found that I get better results with keyword rich URLs. 1.html will never be as good as keyword.html. Also very long URLs don't work as well as concise ones. a_keyword_rich_phrase_with_a_description.html will under perform keyword_rich.html. This is in my experience and has no scientific data to support it. Content is way more important than this, Good content will always perform better than poor content no matter what naming convention you use.
  3. Google will redirect as per your htaccess and start pointing people at the new link once they have crawled the site and found the redirects. You should not be punished for making your pages more structured, if anything you should get plus points.
  4. I do this all the time. I don't like using the same code on every page, when I have duplication I use an include file, first started doing this in shtml. I don't see any speed issues on my sites. I have been coding for a while, but am not a great coder, someone with more experience may differ. If you want to see it in action, check out The site I am busy working on. I use very simple CSS on this one, you are welcome to view source and borrow. include ("../navigation/constants.php"); SQL here to get data //build metatags $indTags = "<title>$title </title>\n"; $
  5. I have been playing with it on and off for almost 20 years and I still need to learn new stuff every time I try and do something. I am doing silly courses like building a search engine just to see what the code does.
  6. I feel your pain, the only advice I have is We all know the saying is if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well. I used to think like that till I started thinking about this, I am not suggesting that you should do shoddy work, I am saying get out and do the job. You may not have the skills or the knowledge to do it perfectly, yet the satisfaction of getting it done will exceed the concern about it not being perfect. Too many projects die a slow death because people want perfection. MS DOS and Windows would still be an idea if the job wasn't worth doing badly. Get
  7. I have been staring at this code for hours trying to figure out what is wrong, I guarantee that someone is going to look at it and make me feel like a tool. The first query is not going through the list, the second is. It worked till I started updating to PDO. I have tested the SQL, that works, probably a flipping comma or a quotation mark screwing with my brain. Please look and spot the obvious balls up and point it out to me. as in I get a result that looks like this Heading question question question and it stops. I am expecting Heading question question
  8. The error codes are on the bottom of the image. Oh FFS now that you mention it, what a twat I am() Thanks for pointing out the wood I couldn't see for the trees
  9. <?php include("classes/DomDocumentParser.php"); //this could be the problem it appears in the error file $alreadyCrawled() = array(); $crawling = array(); $startUrl = "https://imagimedia.co.za"; //Get variable from input $hnam = str_replace("http://", "", "$startUrl"); $hnam = str_replace("https://", "", "$hnam"); $hnam = str_replace("www.", "", "$hnam"); $hnam = substr($hnam, 0, -6); function createLink($src, $url) { $scheme = parse_url($url)["scheme"]; $host = parse_url($url)["host"]; if(substr($src, 0, 2) == "//") { $src = $scheme.":".$src; } else if(substr($src, 0,
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