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  1. Five šŸŒŸ šŸŒŸ šŸŒŸ šŸŒŸ šŸŒŸ for Barand
  2. Thank you sir, I'm trying sending multiples email to user using phpmailer first condition////////////////////////////////////******************************************* //First User email $mail = new PHPMailer(TRUE); try { $mail->setFrom('no-reply@me.com', 'Mecom'); $mail->addAddress("$email_firstuser", "$full_name"); $mail->Subject = 'Transaction Created Successfully'; $mail->isHTML(TRUE); $mail->Body = 'Message to first User'; if (!$mail->send()){ echo $mail->ErrorInfo; }else
  3. Good morning, I'm writing a php script on a transaction creation/initiation. Only a registered user can initiate a transaction but if the second party to the transaction is not a registered user, the system will send a mail to the user informing him/her to accept and create an account. The whole idea is i have four conditional statement and each condition needs to send mail to the transaction initiator and the second party. so i am sending 8 mails but 2 at a time if and only if the condition is met. below is my code if ($mode==1){ //echo "Mode 1: ".$mode;
  4. https://ravemodal-dev.herokuapp.com/hosted/redirect-payment?flwref=FLW-MOCK-ba043ffda2fad8a96ddd82b6c2a3dc5a&txref=996419 txref=996419 from the link is auto generated reference number
  5. redirect is a page to redirect to after successful payment
  6. Good afternoon everyone, Please Iā€™m trying to integrate a rave pay payment gateway and iā€™m getting this below error on making payment Error: Cannot POST /hosted/redirect My redirect page code (redirect.php) <?php //session_start(); include 'includes/global/login_handler.php'; include 'includes/global/randStrGen.php'; if (isset($_GET['txref']) && isset($_SESSION["amount_to_pay"]) && isset($_SESSION["txtrefno"]) && isset($_SESSION["transact_no"]) && isset($_SESSION["buyer_email"]) && isset($_SESSION["buyer_name"]) && i
  7. yeah that's for overall position for class. I'm talking of the subject position in the column. With this SELECT yearid , semesterid , regno , subjectid , rank , total , grade , comment FROM ( SELECT yearid , semesterid , subjectid , @seq := CASE WHEN yss <> @prev THEN 1 ELSE @seq + 1 END as seq , @rank := CASE WHEN total = @prevtot THEN @rank ELSE @seq END as rank , @prevtot := total as total , @prev := yss as yss , regno , armsLevelId -- added , armsid -- added FROM (
  8. Ok sir. Look at the Sub Position column. and the number of student is in a class is 34 so we have 49th and 47th which is higher than number of student.
  9. Is there a way whereby user 7566 and 7057 that takes on rank 3, the next user which is 9208 and 7664 will take on rank 4 and so on so that the number of rank will not be more than the number of student in a class
  10. Compliment of the season Mr Barand. Thank you for your guide so far. I appreciate that. Please i wanted to ask, how can one resolve ties in ranking? I have the table DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `subject_position`; CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `subject_position` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `regNo` int(50) NOT NULL, `subjectid` int(50) NOT NULL, `armsLevelId` int(50) NOT NULL, `armsId` int(50) NOT NULL, `semesterid` int(50) NOT NULL, `yearid` int(50) NOT NULL,
  11. Bravo.. This worked thanks Mr Barand for your guide and time. God bless you Abundantly sir
  12. I wrote this by removing all the semesterid in the where clause and i got this output SELECT yearid , semesterid , regno , total , rank , numstudents as `Total students` , grade as `Average grade` , comment FROM ( SELECT yearid , semesterid , @seq := CASE WHEN yss <> @prev THEN 1 ELSE @seq + 1 END as seq , @rank := CASE WHEN total = @prevtot THEN @rank ELSE @seq END as rank , @prevtot := total as total , @prev
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