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  1. Hi The 'Repeater' would have been ideal but that comes with the Pro version and therefore you have to buy it and I can't afford it at the moment. Another Plugin I found is called 'Toolset' and that is ideal as it has a tutorial and it looks like it will do the job but when I tried to download it I couldn't because you have to buy it and there isn't a free version. At the moment what I have works but not ideal so I will have to look for another solution. Thanks for replying. Colin
  2. That's my problem, I don't understand how databases work in WordPress as it just looks like one table for all the posts and pages. Also I don't know how to create a table or series of in MySQL and pull values from it using PHP. I did databases at Uni but that's 20 years ago and I have forgotten most of it as I haven't done any since. The burial register has a set number of fields and I have been trying to put a database together in Access just to see how it works and then convert it using MySQL and PHP but haven't got very far. When I first started this project I just based each
  3. Hi I need to know the amount of people so that the text says either 1 person or 2 or more people buried and it should come before I get to the loop. At the moment I have just added another field to add the total and then used an If Elseif statement but I can't see how I can count the number instead based on the loop. $people_buried = get_field('how_many_buried_in_this_grave'); if($people_buried) { if($people_buried == 1) { echo '<p>Listed below, is 1 person buried in this grave.</p>'; } else if($people_buried == $people_buried) { echo '<p>List
  4. Hi My PHP skills aren't that good but I know what I want to do as I have used other programming languages before. I run a WordPress website about a Church and its Cemetery. I have been researching the graves for the last 2 years and have added each grave to the website via a Custom Post Type with the buried occupants. In WordPress I have used a plugin called Advanced Custom Fields and have set each grave to allow at least 5 people buried there. So the following code below is used to check if the fields have any value which would represent each person in that grave and add i
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