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  1. Thank you, how do I fix it?
  2. I can get "Name" etc to show on the email but not the value. eg: Name: What I need is Name: Joe Smith Here is the code: <?php if($_POST["submit"]) { $recipient="my@email.address"; $subject="Form to email message"; $sender=$cemail; $mailBody="Customers Business Name: $cbname\n $cname=Customers Name: $cname\n $caddress=Customers Address: $caddress\n $csuburb=Customers Suburb: $csuburb\n $ccity=Customers City: $ccity\n $cphone=Customers Phone Number: $cphone\n $cemail=Customers Email: $cemail\n\n $sbname=Senders Business Name: $sbname\n $snam
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