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  1. This one can be work but not include the COMMAND3, it's total gender
  2. Dear friends, I have a problem about my website and my website they have a lot of query information. so it make my website very slow. I would like to make query command is shorter and faster as these 3 commands. COMMAND1: show all people COMMAND2: show only male COMMAND3: show only female. Any way I can combine them? Is it faster than old command? COMMAND 1 SELECT CASE WHEN `if_age` < 18 THEN 'under 18' WHEN `if_age` BETWEEN 18 and 29 THEN '18-29' WHEN `if_age` BETWEEN 30 and 39 THEN '30-39' WHEN `if_age` BETWEEN 40 and 49 THEN '40-49' WHEN `if_age` BETWE
  3. Can you give me a basic of php.ini. then every page I just add command include('php.ini');? on my brownser cookie: NAME = PHPSESSID content = 097bea5d9dd76cb2276566a737ae73b0 domain = legal-aid.moj.gov.la path = / send for = Same-site connections only Accessible to script = Yes Created = Friday, January 15, 2021 at 9:51:28 AM Expires = When the browsing session ends
  4. I already check all website are HTTPS. before I start session, I set session_set_cookie_params(0); what's the next step I need to check?
  5. Can you give me more example about served over HTTPS? It's my first time that I create web php on https
  6. Hi friends. I have a problem with https about $_SESSION in php last time my website is working correctly with http but after change to https I can send value of session to another page login.php session_start(); $_SESSION['user_ID'] = 8; Action.php session_start(); echo "User ID = " . $_SESSION['user_ID'] ; //// It's not show any thing Thank you very much for your help
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