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  1. nitiphone2021's post in wget not work, was marked as the answer   
    As I install old PHP project and it's not work some feature
    from checked, it stuck on wget command
    $command = "wget -b -q -P public/logs/ '" . $url . "' " . LINK_URL_SSL; $output = shell_exec($command); This is the full command 
    wget -b -q -P public/logs/ 'https://localhost/users/receiveToAll?user=5&transfer_order_id=10531&order_date=2021-07-04&receive_number=21TR&receive_date=04/07/2021&json=536038974_to_r_10531&pos=ud@y@ip@s' --no-check-certificate I check the $output is Continuing in background, pid 6224.
    so on the public/logs I don't find any file generate very long time, so I think this wget has something wrong.
    I try to run http://websitename/users/receiveToAll?user=5&transfer_order_id=10531&order_date=2021-07-04&receive_number=21TR&receive_date=04/07/2021&json=536038974_to_r_10531&pos=ud@y@ip@s
    it's work correctly
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