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  1. Thank you all for the suggestions, and sorry for the late reply, yes i check the wp config.php file and Restore The Default WordPress Files. i also search this problem on the internet and found this post on the internet, and found this very helpful. Thank you my problem is solved now. Thank You
  2. yes, thank you for the reply, I read this message and try to do many of the things and also watch the video on youtube as well. but I am not able to resolve the issue,
  3. hello Everyone, last night i update my wordpress plugin and after the updation of the plugin, when i refresh the page it shows and error" Error establishing data base connection" error, i do not know why this issue occurs and i am not unable to access my admin page on the wordpress as well, please help me to resolve this issue
  4. Hello Everyone, i want to create a ecommerce website for my offline store, one of my friend suggest me to host it on the dedicated server, i do not have so much knowledge about servers, and he suggested me to choose the server from here (monovm.com/dedicated-server/) can any one have much knowledge about servers suggest me is this the right one to buy dedicated server, Thanks
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