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  1. I want to listen to the callback event " signature_request_all_signed " - how do I code this? After that I then will use the below code to GET the completed document: $client = new HelloSign\Client('SIGN_IN_AND_CREATE_API_KEY_FIRST'); $client->getFiles('fa5c8a0b0f492d768749333ad6fcc214c111e967', $dest_file_path, HelloSign\SignatureRequest::FILE_TYPE_PDF); Documentation is here https://app.hellosign.com/api/signatureRequestWalkthrough#GetStatus
  2. Thanks will work on that too!
  3. from using tail -f /var/log/httpd/error_log httpd log returns no errors. Also inputting error_reporting(E_ALL); on script runtime returns nothing also. php.ini file is also updated to error_log ON.
  4. I have created a template with Docusign API using a base document (a customer contract) the details of which will change when I send out an envelope but the layout will remain the same. I am trying to replace the base document from the template when creating the envelope. I have been informed that I need to use composite templates but when I try to code that I am getting a 500 error. Here is the code for the envelope definition: * @param $args array * @return array ['redirect_url'] * @throws ApiException for API problems and perhaps file access \Exception too. */ # ***DS.snippet.0
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