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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Guess I have dig deeper. Appreciate the guidance.
  2. I'm sure the difficulty is with my lack of knowledge. Of course there are a number of listings in the script and I need to add the listing number somewhere. On the Php page, I start with <?php ob_start(); $PJ_LISTING_ID = 2; ?> Then all I have to do is put {VRL_CALENDAR} where I want the calendar to go and end the html with <?php include '/home/breakers/public_html/script2/app/views/pjLayouts/pjActionAvailCalendar.php'; ?> I guess I don't know how to put all three parts above into the iframe When I put http://surfsidecottages.com/script2/app/views/pjLayouts/pjActionAvailCalendar.php/ in an iframe, I get nothing. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I'm not using iframe now but want to. It only works on a php page now but I'm trying to figure out how to do it so I can have an html page with that php code embedded. I'm feeling now that it is not possible.
  4. I purchased a PHP script and installed it and it works fine on my vacation rental website. It shows an availability calendar on the page pulled from the script. The webpage has to be a PHP page in order to work. In the html, I put <?php ob_start(); $PJ_LISTING_ID = 2; ?> At the beginning of the page, {VRL_CALENDAR} where I want the calendar to appear on the page and end the page with <?php include '/home/breakers/public_html/script2/app/views/pjLayouts/pjActionAvailCalendar.php'; ?> Question: Is there a way to display this calendar on an html page (not php) using iFrame? Any answers would be appreciated.
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