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  1. I'm currently trying to building a websocket widget, using node package manager(NPM),WAMPserver and electronjs. the package was well installed because when i start it it works. It log into the console But i dont know how i can handle with html. it seems electronjs is not working fow wamp and websocket
  2. Thanks alot @Barand. you answer helps me alot
  3. Hello everyone. I'm a self learner that is very new to programming. I'm trying to print out the value of ["mid"] from a json_decode variable in the code shown below: I'm trying to use for each to access the value of "mid'. using foreach function. I know I'm not doing it the right way. please help me or show me an easy was to go around it. /////the json resopnd form the url is : {"terms":"http://www.xe.com/legal/dfs.php","privacy":"http://www.xe.com/privacy.php","from":"USD","amount":1.195,"timestamp":"2021-02-09T16:52:00Z","to":[{"quotecurrency":"NGN","mid":454.6559871014}]} ///////////////////////////////////////////////// <?php $auth = base64_encode("username:password"); $context = stream_context_create([ "http" => [ "header" => "Authorization: Basic $auth" ] ]); $homepage = file_get_contents("https://xecdapi.xe.com/v1/convert_from?to=NGN&amount=1.195", false, $context ); $json = json_decode($homepage, TRUE); foreach ($json as $price){ echo $price['mid']; }; ?>
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