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  1. Hello I need some help please! I have a web page that currently inserts a record containing customerID, productID and quantity into the cart table if a user adds a product to their cart. However, if the user goes back to the shop and re-adds that same product to their cart. The php/mysql creates a new record regardless of what they have in their cart. Current output in table: customerID productID quantity 1 ABC12 3 1 ABC12 1 Expected output: customerID productID quantity 1 ABC12 4 All help is greatly appreciated. <!doctype html> <html> <head> <title>Add Item to Cart</title> <?php session_start(); echo $_SESSION["user_id"]; $user_id = $_SESSION["user_id"]; $stockID = $_POST['stockNo']; $quantity = $_POST['quantity']; //connect to database. include 'dbConnect.php'; //create MySQL insert command $query1 = "insert into cart (customerID,stockID,quantity) values('$user_id','$stockID','$quantity'); //execute the MySQL statement $result1 = mysqli_query($db,$query1); ?> </head> <body> <?php include 'navBar.php'; ?> <h1>Adding to cart....</h1> <br> <?php if ($result1){ echo "Item has been added to your cart."; } else { echo "Theres been a problem. Item was not added to your cart."; } ?> </body> <?php //close connection to the database mysqli_close(); ?> </html>
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