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  1. okay this is clear for me i dont get any help from here. i tought you guys are experts but im wrong. i mentioned earlier i dont know anything about coding or fixing them! going to look help elsewhere clearly i dont get it here. you are not even close to being coding help.
  2. i asked solution for my problem! not that i can watch with chrome..
  3. here is the kicker.. videos works as firefox. but with Edge,opera,chrome it dosent.. could you help some kind fix? or even some kind other video player which suites to vbulletin. you are expert i belive i have not
  4. well.. i have vbulletin 4 forum i try to put video player so if i upload mp4 file so i can play video but sad part is its working only at firefox browser can you help me out .. video code looks like this <vb:if condition="$attachment[attachmentextension] == mp4"> <video width="620" height="540" controls> <source src="attachment.php?{vb:raw session.sessionurl}attachmentid={vb:raw attachment.attachmentid}&amp;d={vb:raw attachment.dateline}" type="video/mp4"> <source src="attachment.php?{vb:raw session.sessionurl}attachmentid={vb:raw attachment.attac
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