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    electronics, hi-tech, computer and IT related things like database systems, programming, cars, traveling, exploring and so much more. I think it's better you ask me what I am not interested in. It's easier to answer that question.
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  1. requinix and mac_gyver What I look for is an overview / an indexed list of .... e.g. in "new PDO refer to in PDO. What does PDO refer to?" O "in PDO stands for" object "(possibly I am wrong now and there is no such thing as pre-developed" object ". Struggling to find out what they are called / do not remember ) Is there a list of the objects (or the word/category i a'am looking for) that have been developed / made by MySQL AB? Did this get any clearer? ...or I think mac_gyver i into it in hes ansver above. Got to read that once more.
  2. Yes, you can help me. Actually, I looked at my question when I woke up this morning. So I just tried to be sarcastic back to my face. Because I saw how lame and stupid I can be when I'm tired and desperate to manage things. So please give me a couple of hours and I will reformulate my question so it is at least can do it understandable and not make me sound so stupid. So, please, bear over with me one more time, and please forgive me.. I'll be back later this night (Norwegian time) 🙂 So sorry, requinix. I was just sarcastic to myself. I was so fed up 😐
  3. When it comes to MySQL objects, classes, variables, libraries, and functions, it is one of these that is pre-set/predetermined/developed, so there is something I misunderstand. This applies to the four different mentioned above, so it is one of the above mentioned that MySQL AB has pre-developed, so it is only to call up, this pre-made/ready to use....thing....😂 if you understand what I mean? If you understand what I mean then my question is: Where can I find a complete list, an overview of "what I am looking for"? I tried the PHP Reference Manual on php.net, but I did not find it there. I googled and searched, but I cannot find such an overview anywhere. Getting an answer to this would help me a lot in moving forward in my study of POD. Maybe this question sounds stupid, but it's the best way I can ask in English.
  4. Thanks Strider64. I will check it out. Sorry for my bad English sometimes. Of course, it was versatile I ment. Not friendliness as I said 😂😜 Sorry for forcing you guys to read between the lines sometimes 🤓🙄🤐
  5. .........and that PDO has a user-friendliness that surpasses everything that has been before in relation to a PDO connection / querry fit on databases from MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL AB etc. Actually, Oracle is the developer of MySQL, isn't that right?
  6. I understand mac_gyver. I liked your suggestion to save the connection as a separate variable so that it can be easily rewritten automatically to POD. It's the simplest. I see it. But then I found some chapters in a book I bought here a while ago about this about rewriting from MySQLi to POD. So I guess I'll read up on this for a few days and give myself a try. Maybe I can put my name on it and hand it over to the developer and get as much credit as cred for the work of converting the database connection from MySQLi to POD. Barand tried over a year ago to make me understand why Pod instead of MySQLi. I have understood what he has said, but did not quite understand it anyway. Not until now do I see all the benefits of PDOs. At least some of them so as not to express myself too harshly. Because when I opened the book, I recognized so much of what Mr. B has said and tried to learn before. So sorry Barand for not listening to you enough. What I thought was most about simplicity was really security, and only security. And i also understand why so much is deprecated from PHP 7.0 and up today. The reason is because The old MySQL library and MySQL is outdated for reason(s). I understand much of the reason is: Security and because much of it is not excisting any more. Am I totaly wrong?
  7. Yes, I have tried to switch it on and off again, but I suspect some of my choices can be in conflict with each other. So I need help with activating and deactivating the right choices. Se the image above
  8. Can someone please tell me what to activate and deactivate in the control panel so I can have the MySQL Native Driver work?
  9. I realized that I can activate this myself inside my control panel at the web hotel. Did so, but it did not help me. If there are no other solutions, I can call Erik tomorrow.
  10. Thanks for the information Barand. I will ask my old colleagues to fix this.
  11. Ahaaaaa.... now I see. Thank you Barand. You have told me about all the advantages of PDO compared to MySQLi. Sorry for not listening well enough when you said that to me. In a way, I met myself at the door now. Note to my self: Listen to others. As long as I know the MySQL on the server got a MySQLi add-on, what is your suggestion to do? Would it help to get rid of the add on in favor of a clean installation of MySQL 8.x.x ?
  12. I work on, or more rightly said, I found a tutorial online I am trying to learn from. This has been working for others, I know that. No matter what I do, writing the total script myself or downloading the finished files, I get the same error message. I think there can be two reasons because of this. The database is empty or the CMS doesn't support the old MySQL and PHP versions that is on my Web-hotel-room which is: MySQL 5.7.23 and PHP 7.1.33 I tried to fill in some information in the DB manually, but I am unsure if this was correct or successful. What do you think guys? This is the error msg. i get:
  13. No way. There is as I told you. I can't log in. None of the three above is functional. Maybe you could connect to me once more and re-install it?
  14. For once, Gizmola managed to put me out, but when I got to read it a few times again and read what was behind the link, I eventually understood it approx. although it did not solve the problem. Whether I'm logged in as root or "122387_chapterofhate @ localhost". As I told you, I had trouble entering the password on the root account, but suddenly it worked. So now there is a password on this account. This is local, so there is no danger in terms of security without a password on the root account, but it's just that I build this so it should be the same as when it is uploaded to the webserver-hotel-room. It seems like I'm locked out of administrative privileges, but because I suddenly was able to create a root password, I'm slipping through. I do not understand in hell what is happening, and now I have struggled with this for over a day, soon two. So bananamen, I wonder if I have to re-install MySQL one more time. Maybe unnecessary, but I have not a clue after so many hours....
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