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  1. Thanks. neither do I like phpMyAdmin. I will try out MySQL WorkBench.
  2. Barand, thank you soooooo much. I am on the right way now i can see. Just what i needed. Hope i can come back to you for further questions. What kind of MySQL GUI do you use for draving the database?
  3. Zane, thanks for your reply. I can try to answer. It so happens that I have a membership database for a boating association with members. These members must be / are linked to a number, which is the berth on the pier they belong to. This number is determined by me and I want there to be ID in the table (s). This is basically what I want to do in the first place, but which I do not understand how to do. Secondly, I want these numbers / berths to be able to be used again. When a member is deleted because he acquires a boat that is larger or smaller, a berth / number on the pier is released.
  4. How do I get the my MySQL database to enter my number system to assign an ID number space that goes from 01, 02, 03 etc. from 10 and up to 99 there should still be two numbers as in 10, 11, 12 etc. From 100 three numbers as in 100, 101, 102 etc. When a member is deleted from the list, the number must be able to be used again. I tried a few different solutions here, but managed to delete everything in the end. Only the databases are left. These numbers should not only be reusable, but also reusable and automatically dialed when the member registers. As I said, the number will be automatica
  5. mac_gyver: This is the kind of help i want. Then i can look up and if i have further questions i hope i can come back and ask for help, tips and how to/best way to do it. Thanks mac_gyver for puting me in the right direction. I will look throug this and save it localy at my network.
  6. Of course ... 😞 I deleted everything I had done. The only thing I have left is the MySQL DB. I deleted it because I was so upset that I did not make it work. I had then done this PHP script for 3 days and I have hardly slept. Now i dont know what to do.
  7. I am in the process of creating a waiting list that I want to work automatically. When a new member registers for membership, the member must be on a waiting list for a while before the member gets permanent membership. When the membership is activated by me, I want this to work like when I delete the person who is number 1 in the list, and number 2 will be number 1. the remaining numbers in the list will automatically move a number up, just now . 5 will be number 4 and so on. PErson number one is the person that allways will be deleted from the waiting list. An idea would be that this persons
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