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  1. Here are some good news, while on this site I happened to see something that caught my eye, it was a program in PHP that showed different system variables when you ran it , I ran some of the programs and one showed different system variables and one of them was showing the system path where which I should of been using. Change the path my PHP file and Bingo everything works like it should., Thank you for your assistance I'm sure that I'll be asking you more questions in the future. Tom
  2. Yes I'm a window server 2019 . If I look look at log files its gives me error 500. It seems that the way i'm trying to enter the full absolute path to where the the files are located on c drive. I have also tried using a system variable for systemdrive which is c drive. quest to access cookie or storage on “<URL>” was blocked because it came from a tracker and content blocking is enabled. 2 Request to access cookie or storage on “https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pcs/activeview?xai=AKAOjstegS2966J9HJ3KnS2OhMj8ID_sHWbJSa78l8ech94hdAYAHguHOIQ_oXgToGqHCpKy-vIcx6pbmfPH
  3. <?php include "C:/php-login/ASEngine/AS.php"; if (! app('login')->isLoggedIn()) { redirect(""); } ?> This php code is in a file called test.php and is on my drive Letter O in a sub directory called my old photos . I'm having a problems referencing the include back to the the path of where ASEngine/As.php which is on c drive . I have tried all different relative and absolute paths . Any help would be appreciated Thank You
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