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  1. WHERE id = ? AND FirstImage IN (0,1) order by FirstImage desc view selected picture first - if not view other pictures. i thank all my friends who help. with love...
  2. where id = '$ getx') and FirstImage =1 FirstImage=0 If there is no 1, the ones with 0 should be listed
  3. Example Code: $sql=$baglan->prepare("SELECT * FROM img where id='$getx') and if (FirstImage==1 echo FirstImage=1 ; else FirstImage==0 echo FirstImage=0 ) "); // AS ETC. $sql->execute(); $rs = $sql->fetch(); if FirstImage=1 is absent, continue with FirstImage=0 Thanks for your idea and effort.
  4. <?PHP Beautiful people, i wish love and health ?> 🖐️
  5. thank you but this is not the solution. As if there were no first 10 records - next 10 records will be print to the screen. $sqlq=$connectx->prepare("SELECT * FROM lovetree WHERE id > -10"); - 10 record go back
  6. I want to list 10 records after the last 10 entrie.
  7. I want to list the previous (minus) 10 records. classic asp example: <% do while not rs.eof and i< 7 %> how to do with php pdo? My code is this: <?php $sqlq=$connectx->prepare("SELECT * FROM lovetree "); $sqlq->execute(); while($rs = $sqlq->fetch()) { echo $rs['tree']; } ?> Thanks...
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