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  1. Have to say I am fairly disappointed with the Phpfreaks forum. I am getting very little advise (thanks anyway for those who participated) but instead seeing 20-30 very childish hacking attempts trying to breach my Arduino board. Shame on you. I'll be closing down this thread and switch my IP so it is sayonara MF's!! If anyone is still interested of helping me instead of just trying to hack me I have one question: Are you able to machine read the current output of with PHP? If yes, what methods do you use?
  2. I am seeing a fair amount of traffic so someone from the forum is getting through. I can access this url with my mobile (wifi turned off) but not with my ipad. I am investigating three different problems: - Some clients can reach URL, some can't. Why is that? - Is my Arduino board replying to http requests properly or is this the part that throws things off for some clients and my php server - Is there some restriction / do I have correct fopen wrappers enabled at my PHP server as Barand suggested. will continue solving the problem btw, my PHP server is hosted by Bluehost and I am operating it remotely.
  3. I have port forwarding in place and it is working fine. You should get Hello World by accessing the url No such luck with php retrieval
  4. Thanks for helping me out gw1500se, Rather unsurprisingly, my php server fails to open the stream. WARNING:file_get_contents( failed to open stream: Connection timed out I can access this ip with a browser. Some mysterious force is keeping the pipes shut. Nothing get's echoed and it takes a long time for the script to finish. My php server can access everything else, like cnn.com etc. with the same script.
  5. Hi Guys, Total PHP Noob here. I’ve run into a brick-wall and would appreciate some words of wisdom. I am working on a fairly complicated (at least to my skill level..) home automation/IOT -project and unexpectedly have a big problem establishing a connection between the Internet and my home network. I’ve spent too many hours trying to solve this and eventually have reverted to a super basic Hello World -example to highlight the issue. I can do this with a browser: // will echo hello World I can’t do this with my server: <?php $url = ''; $contents = file_get_contents($url); echo ($contents); ?> It looks like the server-side HTTP -request never “touches” my Arduino-chip. No network activity detected. Obviously there is going to be a lot more data transfer happening but I need to solve this issue first. Is there anything I can do to make this work? Any and all input greatly appreciated. Cheers!!
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