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  1. I have a form that has a list of checboxes, each checkbox has multiple values. IE. Checkbox1 has Date 1 and Cost1. Checkbox2 has Date2 and cost2 and so on. This is what I have in form. echo "<input type=checkbox name=service_id[] value=".$id."><label>".$description."</label> Date:<input type=date name=date[] value=".date('Y-m-d').">Date:<input type=number name=cost[] value=".$cost."><br>"; When i run the for loop to insert the values into a table i have this. foreach($_POST['service_id'] as $key => $value){ $cat1=$_POST['service_id'][$key]; $cat2=$_POST['date'][$key]; $cat3=$_POST['cost'][$key];} The problem is that when I select certain boxes (ie, checkbox #2), it inserts Date1 and Cost1 but does use the correct service id (ie checkbox) I am clearly not storing the values into the array correctly. Any thoughts?
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