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  1. Hi, here i am getting the time zone name as well. but in timezone_name_from_abbr() what is 19800, 0 and how to calculate it? $time = '2021-05-06T19:48:19.2064951+05:30'; $dt = new DateTime($time); error_log($dt->getTimezone()->getName()); error_log(timezone_name_from_abbr("", 19800, 0));
  2. Not getting exactly what's happening here as I am new to PHP. any demonstration will be helpful a lot for me
  3. Hello Everyone, I have below datetime string 2021-05-06T13:48:19.2064951+05:30 i need to get the server timezone name by passing this string to date_default_timezone_set(). here is it valid? can somebody please help me i need the timezone name with above datetime string Thanks, Krish
  4. Hello Everyone, I am on windows server and In my ini file server time zone declared as below [server_settings] date.timezone = "Europe/London" but my application installed on another timezone eg: 'America/Los_Angeles' time zone. using date_default_timezone_get() i am always getting Europe/London timezone as it's declared in ini file. How to get local timezone(wherever application is installed) here? Thanks Krish
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