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  1. AquariaXI's post in Split array every 3 commas & return as string? was marked as the answer   
    "ff00ff", "ff00cc", "ff0099",  "ff0066", "ff0033", "ff0000",  "ff3300", "ff6600", "ff9900",  "ffcc00", "ffff00", "ccff00",  "99ff00", "66ff00", "33ff00",  "00ff00", "00ff33", "00ff66",  "00ff99", "00ffcc", "00ffff",  "00ccff", "0099ff", "0066ff",  "0033ff", "0000ff", "3300ff",  "6600ff", "9900ff", "cc00ff",  "9900ff", "6600ff", "3300ff",  "0000ff", "0033ff", "0066ff",  "0099ff", "00ccff", "00ffff",  "00ffcc", "00ff99", "00ff66",  "00ff33", "00ff00", "33ff00",  "66ff00", "99ff00", "ccff00",  "ffff00", "ffcc00", "ff9900",  "ff6600", "ff3300", "ff0000",  "ff0033", "ff0066", "ff0099",  "ff00cc", "ff00ff" is what I want to see in the file ( YES, including the double quotes ) & YES, in the format seen above. After every 3rd comma, starts a new line.
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