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  1. I figured it out: <script type="text/javascript"> function loadlink(){ $('#track').load('tracktime.php',function () { $(this).unwrap(); } ); } function changePageTitle() { newPageTitle = 'New Page Title'; $.get("tit.php", function(data){ document.title = data;}); } loadlink(); // This will run on page load setInterval(function(){ loadlink(); // this will run after every 5 seconds changePageTitle(); }, 5000); </script>
  2. requinix. Yes. How do I form that ajax statement?
  3. ...snip... function myFunction(){ newPageTitle="New Title"; document.title = newPageTitle; } next... title.php I have a small php script that runs a local command and outputs a simple text string. next... I run myFunction every 5 seconds. setInterval(function(){ changePageTitle(); }, 5000); The question: rather than the above function setting the page title to "New Title", how do I set it to the output of title.php? Thanks.
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