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  1. Hi I relatively new to MVC and trying to understand it all by coding my own MVC framework. I already have coded my (own variant) MVC application: a router calling controllers each creating CRUD(L)* forms (views) onto separate db tables. Now I want to create a dashboard with multiple forms each modifying a separate database table. I already have the ability for one controller to call another controller ad infinitum. However when I press "modify" on one of the forms I do not know how to route (call the router) to rebuild the dashboard restoring all the other forms (ie other controllers) to the same state they were in when my target form requested a modification. Basically I don't know how to go about routing in a hierarchical or nested MVC framework. Should I design a complex (non-linear tree-like) URL request that captures the state of my dashboard and have a very complex router that can decode it? Should each action be idempotent or should I use state in the session to make the request URL easier? *CRUD(L) a view with different forms for CRUD and L(ist) operations each invling different controller methods. I have tried searching under "HMVC" (but that seems to mean "modules") and "nested MVC" but for both terms I mostly get referred to established frameworks. Cheers GAJ
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