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  1. Afternoon guys, Twice now I've paid someone on Upwork to create some code for me and twice I've been told 'sure, no problem' and I've been let down and out of pocket both times! I've run out of budget and am almost in tears trying to figure out my next steps. So I'm keeping everything crossed that someone here might be feeling super wonderful and helpful and can see what I might be needing to do with the code I have. 🙏 At the moment what is happening is that when you click a product thumbnail it is lightboxed (instead of having the single product page appear), but what I want to do is have another file already on the server, lightbox instead of the current thumbnail. Here is the code (also attached) And here is an example of how it should work; (this is from another site of mine and this method uses a plug-in but I cant use this because it doesnt work when you use the search function); https://youtu.be/qMpCO9Ipc8o I will gladly go through every individual product to add a piece of code if I have to, I just really really reall need some help! 😭 Thank you so much, Emily. wpb_wl_hooks_help.txt
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