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  1. What about a powershell script for the ftp part of it? Not exe, but ps1 $source = "c:\source" $destination = "ftp://username:password@example.com/destination" $webclient = New-Object -TypeName System.Net.WebClient $files = Get-ChildItem $source foreach ($file in $files) { Write-Host "Uploading $file" $webclient.UploadFile("$destination/$file", $file.FullName) } $webclient.Dispose() The SQL part of it, may be have a 3rd php file that can be executed after the ps1 file has completed. I know its not one smooth process, but free.
  2. What about using the custom structure permalink in the dashboard of WP? it will rewrite it for you?
  3. Its Woocommerce, just remove the variant or even take the products back to a simple product. Send me a PM if you need further assistance. Happy to help.
  4. Hi Guys, first time poster, so I hope I have it in the right category. I've used a program called Training Peaks for years, great program and it does cost a few $$'s. I'm also going through the Php MySQL learning curve and thought why not build something basic that I could use rather than TP. I've been dabbling with php/mysql for a few years, nothing serious and have been looking at a few core calendar codes like Ajax, Lavarel and one built on html5. I was curious with your knowledge what might be the best way to look at this project (attachment). In a nut shell the option to create a session (training session) it this case, it for Triathlon (swim, bike & run) ability to set a session time, date, distance and maybe some notes. TP has a lot more data that feeds from Garmin data, that's a bit over my head at the moment, so ignore TSS IF's etc The attachment is the calendar in the back ground with the individual session open, again a lot more data there than what I need. Google calendar was an option, but why not make it fun and learn something! Thanks in advance.
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