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  1. Yes you´re right, I´ve used pastebin instead. I appreciate your reply: Main Code https://pastebin.com/d7scjppa Send form https://pastebin.com/221VQShn What happens is when I click the send button, it doesn´t send the info to my e-mail for some reason and in the url this happens examples: www.teste.php?erro=email I don´t understand what happen since I never touched this code in years
  2. My form always worked and now it gives me an error. I never changed the code. I´m using this for years. Its very strange. These are the 2 files, if someone could help I would really appreciate Main file Php form send When I click the send button gives me this error on the top of the page in the end of the url ?erro=email. I´ve tried to edit the form, since I don´t work with php for long time and its not working still. Thank you in advance.
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