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  1. Barand the dlls are in the correct dir
  2. I have a general question regarding this function and regarding php general If i understand well, sqlsrv_connect() is a php function? The dll is the driver that perform a connection to an SQL server, when the specific function is called. Why when i type this function in a php editor, the php doesn't recognize it as a function? Logically php must understand this function and when i run the script, if the driver is not installed and is not placed in the correct folder, in runtime to get an error. Thank you
  3. Thank you for your responce It is not a warning, but error in my script. The php_sqlsrv_80_ts_x64.dll is in htdocs folder. I copied the dlls to the ext subfolder but it did not work.
  4. Hello all, I am using php 8.0.8 and when i use the sqlsrv_connect( $serverName, $connectionInfo ) function i get "undefined function". I use as an editor the Visual Studio Code. I have modified the php.ini with extension= D:\PROGRAMS\XAMPP\htdocs\php_sqlsrv_80_ts_x64.dll ( i thing this is the mssql server driver) Any help?
  5. i changed the error_reporting(E_ALL); to error_reporting(E_ERROR); and the error message disappeared. Thank you
  6. Thanks you for your answer When i place the session_start() at the begining of the script, then the following error occurred ( Notice: session_start(): Ignoring session_start() because a session is already active in Pel_Rv.php on line 5 ), but the code runs correctly. My code is <? php $seqno_pel=''; session_start(); error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set('display_errors', '1');
  7. Hello, I have developed a page selecting and displaying data from a DataBase(mysql), as following $result = mysqli_query($conn, $sql); $fetch = mysqli_fetch_row($result); $row_code = $fetch[0]; session_start(); $_SESSION['pel_seqno'] = $row_code; The above page has tabs. In the second tab i access the $_SESSION['pel_seqno'] as following <?php $seqno_pel=''; $seqno_pel = $_SESSION['pel_seqno']; I use $seqno_pel variable to retrieve some other data from another table in the DataBase. So far so good, Inside the tab i have a button redirecting in another page and i want to use the value of $_SESSION['pel_seqno']; and i can not. The code which i am trying to access again the $_SESSION['pel_seqno']; is the following <?php $seqno_pel = $_SESSION['pel_seqno']; When the button is pressed i get the following error message Warning: Undefined variable $_SESSION in D:\PROGRAMS\XAMPP\htdocs\CARDIO\Pel_Rv.php on line 5 Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in D:\PROGRAMS\XAMPP\htdocs\CARDIO\Pel_Rv.php on line 5 Is it possible someone to help me with this. Thank you in advance
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