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  1. I want to check if the User has typed it in correctly controlling on the Database. (The echos are just there for debug reasons) if (isset($_POST['aktion']) and $_POST['aktion']=='Annehmen') { //button click echo '<p>1</p>'; $email = ""; if (isset($_POST['email'])) { //steht was da? $email = (INT) trim($_POST['email']); echo '<p>2</p>'; if ($email != '') { //steht was da? 2.0 $suche = $db->prepare("SELECT email FROM recipients WHERE email = ?"); $suche->bind_param('s', $email); $emailtest = ""; $suche->execute(); $suche->bind_result($emailtest); echo '<p>3</p>'; if ($email == $emailtest){ echo '<p>4</p>'; } } } } The debug reaches "Milestone" 3, then its trace disappears, doesn't matter whether it's the right or wrong email. THX for help in advance :).
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