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  1. Sorry, I mean the codes would work if I moved the file "db.php" from the folder "todolist_demo" to "public_html".
  2. If I put the file "db.php" in the folder "public_html", then the codes would work. But I want the file "db.php" to be in the folder "todolist_demo".
  3. Yes. I worried that if I typed the wrong symbol the program would go wrong.
  4. I found the problem: the password and the username were incorrect. I went to MAMP>bin>phpMyAdmin>config.inc and I found the correct password and the correct username
  5. In the php file "create", you can see "include('../db.php');" in line 3. You can see the file "db.php" in here But here you can see the codes don't work: here's the full "create.php" codes
  6. The first picture is from a tutorial video, the second picture is from my notepad. You can see the that the asterisk in the first picture is bigger than the one in the second picture, are they different?
  7. What does it mean? How do I do it? I'm sorry I'm only a beginner
  8. Yes. The username and the password are correct.
  9. 1. Yes. MySQL is running on port 8889. 2. Where do I check if the username and password are correct? 3. Yes. The database does exist. 4. How do I check if the user have permission to it?
  10. Why "Database connection failed"? In the third picture, you can see "todolist_demo"
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