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  1. Thanks Man for Checking my code The first problem is when a new user come to the code he want to register on code but registration can't proceed and the second problem is friends post can't show on index page
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/16ypQz93cb_8KbFcy8SHmK7C6oiT4H2nz/view?usp=sharing here is my code
  3. if you have an other way to send the code please share with me i will send the code
  4. I only add my complete code and nothing in this rar file
  5. Hi Dear I am creating a Social Media Web based Application But i am stack in Some Code So please Dear check my code and Highlight the error. the error is post cant show in index page and second error is Registration Can't Complete I also Attach the link of MY Code i compressed in RAR file.
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