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  1. Hi thanks for the response. How the pilots get paid is already something that’s implemented and the rate is changeable, which is $ per mile, the total is taken by looking at a table with their total flight miles. The airline will be paid in the same way at a different rate. what I don’t know how to do is change the total pay that the pilot has, since it’s looking at total miles flown. I cannot remove miles flown so need a way of deducting or adding to their total. Maybe by using a different table? I’m not sure
  2. Hi, quite new to php but starting to find my way around it. Hoping someone could signpost me with this one. On our virtual airline website (for flight simulator) the built in API that I purchased allows the pilots to earn virtual money based on how many miles they have flown. Unfortunately this is where it stops. There is nothing they can do with this money. I’m wanting to introduce perks/rewards that they can spend this virtual money on just to give it a bit more depth. At the same time I also want there to be a central pot (so to speak) where the actual airline can accrue money. This would feed from the same data the pilots get paid with but at a different (and possibly variable) rate. are there any simple solutions such as lookup and deduction commands? I guess similar to how excel works. I apologise for any ignorance and hope my newbie php status doesn’t make this question sound like I’m expecting too much. Many thanks :)
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