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  1. It's working now...So the link I put before from a c panel forum they talked about .user.ini. And I went to search there and there was also that session. I comment that out there ( before I saw your post), clean cookies, restart pc and it works now. So question for you: Shoud I still comment also in php.ini? Should I leave it like this? And thank you for your help and lessons
  2. Out of curiousity why it would explain a lot? Honest question I use local because when I start learning more about wordpress was the most simple local host approach to use. I did many website with it, import export and all good, pretty simple. So never had a reason to complain. The thing is that the website has 47 plugins active, had 2 previous developers that mess with the website and the owner is not sure what they did or not. It’s hosted on shared host so for example I tried to use Duplicator or other plugin and just breaks in the middle. So my guess is that the live website has many configs that are messed up and when I copy to local those configs came with it. I need a copy of the website because I want to fix and erase all those plugins but need to do it on a safe enviroment
  3. So I went search more and found this post: And one user said : So can this be the case? I have also a user.ini file where I went to see there is that session start like in the php.ini. I am not php expert so don't want to make it worst but I know as a fact that this website many people touch and changed it before me so, just guessing. Can you help? Thank you
  4. I am using Local ( local by Flywheel). The php.ini localsite>app>public>php.ini. When I open it it was the setting that was there. So it might had been already in the live site as I just did the copy. Who put it there in first place, no idea. So you think I should change it or what?
  5. I didnt copy any settings. This is what is on the file I haven't changed it. They were there already
  6. Hey php freaks. So I made a copy of a wordpress website to local host. All is working finally except when I go to the website and the image attached shows on top. Basically it says: Warning: session_start(): open(/var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php73\sess_fc3543585c1da50b97272ff08b71c725, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in C:\Users\ricar\Local Sites\localazana\app\public\wp-content\themes\azana-child\header.php on line 11 Warning: session_start(): Failed to read session data: files (path: /var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php73) in C:\Users\ricar\Local Sites\localazana\app\public\wp-content\themes\azana-child\header.php on line 11 I went searching and for what I understood might be some problem with the php.ini file that I might have to change the session.save_path. Now it's session.save_path = "/var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php73" But I have no idea what it should be changed for and why this is hapenning and I did more migrations before and this never happened. Any idea and help would be much appreaciated Thanks
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