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    I work and have worked as a Journalist alongside a job as a professional fisherman when I have been in Tromsø. I have lost that job, but today I work as a Journalist for Norwegian TV2. There my colleague and I are the hosts of the morning broadcasts. Therefore, many of my areas of interest are related to TV or journalistic areas. Now I want to learn programming to see if I can use this in my job as a journalist, Appreciate Norwegian nature and love to exploit nature.
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  1. Ok guys. Thanks for the Information. I am new to this and learning while i'm living. I will try to correct it/me so i get it right.
  2. I am trying to center a picture for my site logo. Can you see whats wrong? <div class="logo"><img src="images/logo/logo.png" alt="Logo"/></div> img.logo { align: center; height: 139px; width: 950px; }
  3. Okay, I understand gizmola. Not much has happened since last time. Lots of trouble in Norway again the last weeks due to the coronavirus and the new one, omikron. Now Norway is mostly closed down again from today. Now it so happens that before I read your recommendations, I had already created an account at 100 webspace. Therefore, I will use them for now, but have your recommendations and tips in mind. I will see if I can do a little now tonight before I go to work and broadcasting tomorrow early morning (yawn.) I will post the first thing I do as soon as I understand more of this 100 webspace thing.
  4. Thanks Gizmola. You realy cleared it up for me when it comes to Semantic and HTML5. Is that the same as XHTML. I have started to learn HTML4 or something. But when i was reading what you wrote i can see that there is a lot of adventage in HTML5 instead of HTML4. Maybe stupid question. Is HTML5 the same as XHTML? I am not so confused anymore. Just alittle. But i am learning. I get a jint here and a hint there. Another thing is i was looking for was a place to save my home page and had help from a person on a forum to a norwegian news paper. He told me about this ( www.100webspace.com ) in USA. Its a free service. I thought i had to pay a lot of money for a domain and a space where i could save my home page. I just have to find out how to save it on internet and i can show you what i have made. Sugestions would be fine when i ask for it. First i will try to find it out my self.
  5. I can see that. To me it seems like it is 100 different ways to do things. For me it seems like developers is not so concerned with the standards that they should be. They know about them, but they do not use them to often. take a little from there and put it in another place. I read a bit about browsers, and have realized that if you make a mistake in a script, it is not so important. Think it was called green browsers. As I understand it, a browser today is capable of correcting errors itself. Possibly I am wrong and that I will make more mistakes. I'm fresh and new to the subject and that's why I ask all these (for you) stupid questions. At least I now understand that there is no shortcut to creating a website. So I feel a bit stupid asked the question the first time I came here on phpfreaks.com Actually, I do not understand much of what I am trying to learn, but I catch up a little here and there. So what you tell me means a lot. Og det er det jeg har gjort. Tatt litt her og puttet inn der. Er det så galt. Jeg får et da til å vises noe på skjermen. And is it so importent with that validator thing? It is confusing me more than i learn of it. Because when i try it out in that validator it tells me that it not standard and has a lot of errors. But when i open the site in my browser it is perfect. Thats why i dont understand this standard thing. Can you explain this a little for me. I dont think I realy understand... or what you mean? Iwas reading a litle on the box model site. But more i read, more questions i got. I hope it is temporary. I can't do more this night. I am finished in the makeup now and It's broadcasting from 07:00- 10:00. Good Morning Norway. ...or....what is this XHTML thing? Another standard of HTML or the same?
  6. First i get a good advice that was working. Then i get another advice because the first one wasn't good enough. I am just trying to learn something new here. The first og them works pefectly the way i want it to be. So why confuse me me with one more? Any way, i got to ask. What is the right way, and what is the best way? As long they are working and do theire job for me i dont realy see the problem or care. I just wanted the first words of a line to be bold. Gismola: Thank you so much for the link. I was looking at it, and that is just what i need. On the page you sent me to i found so much more. I need more of those kind of sites, please? Thank you.
  7. I have written several lines of text. Each new section should begin with bold and highlighted text. This is controlled with CSS (ext. file). I have tried to create a class for both <p> and <h1>. Both close with </ **> It's not that they do NOT work, nope, they make the text both highlighted and bold, but the text that comes after </ **> comes on a new line. Why? What am I doing wrong? p.head_line { font-family: "Helvetica, Ariel"; font-weight: bold; font-size: 14px; font-color: # 000000; } h1.head_line { font-family: "Helvetica, Ariel"; font-weight: bold; font-size: 14px; font-color: # 000000; } <p class = "head_line"> Bold Text </p> Normal text................. <h1 class = "head_line"> Bold Text </h1> Normal Text.............. The normal text begins on a new line but should continue on the same line after the bold. How do I do it?
  8. There were many words and expressions I do not understand. Think this needs to be studied. I have read a bit in the books, but do not understand anything. Maybe you can help me understand the expressions and sentences you come up with? What does framework mean, and what is it used for? What is it to write a security code? What is the difference between programming and coding? Can I create a good website with just one of html, xhtml, css and php? And what are javascript and jqerry. It probably says more about this in my books what you two above say to me. It is also easier for me if you to write it here so I can copy the text directly into google translate. It is a lot of work for me to write the text in the books into word and copy it from there and paste it into google translate. You answer me and I understand what you are writing to me so it is possible to communicate in this way.
  9. I'm new here and need help. I'm new to everything in here. Is there a shortcut to learning programming. I have just become unemployed from the fish reception where I worked and have plenty of time to spare. I was therefore in the store today and bought myself two books to make myself a website. I will make this to search for a new job. This one says about xhtml 5 and css which is supposedly one language for creating websites. This book also said about the programming language php, but it only says that it can be used. Nothing about how to do it, it does not say anything about what it is. That's how I came across this forum. I'm trying to figure out what I've been up to. What is the difference between coding and programming? Are there any programs that can help me create a website? Can anyone tell me what I do? What should I do to learn this? It seems complicated. The books I bought are in English and are called HTML 5 and css 3 all in one for dummies and beginning html 5 and CSS 3 for dummies. She who works in the store said these were good books I wanted to learn from because there are lots of examples on the internet and on CD rooms. Do not understand anything of what I do yet. Can anyone explain this to me in a simple English way? My English is not very good. Therefore, I have to use google translate to write English. Hope for your understanding of this.
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