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  1. Hi there Thank you so much for the guidance. It really helps having more than one idea on this as I want to get it right. It makes sense what both of you have said. At least it gives me a foundation to start thinking about finding time to get this in to code and in to practice. It'll make the management around this time of year much easier. It's a very much manual process at the moment and I want to make it better for next year. Thank you very much for your replies.
  2. Hi everyone, I hope you are well. Come across this forum as a way of looking for the best solution to store, edit and output the values in a DB. I run a charity at Christmas time and we get lots of referrals in to support children and adults. I want to keep a list of ages 0-15 and then 16+, against sex "Male","Female" The list ultimately will show me how many of each age against each sex. I want to publicly display this information. Then I want people to sign up and they will enter a quantity against the age/sex they want to help. So they may have a grid Age | Male | Female 1 2 3 4 5 etc... They'll increase the number against Female aged 3 and Male aged 10 to say they'll help these people. Once they submit, the main website will calculate the new value against who's committed to helping. I.e. if we have a row in another table, the sum of male aged 10 will reduce from the requirement for male aged 10 and tell me how many are left still needing help. Embarrassingly, I am used to PHP and have developed PHP systems myself. But this is an important project that I just don't want to get wrong. I want it to be efficient and I thought, may aswell ask what you guys thing first on ideas how best to achieve this? I'm also not sure I've ever done a form that uses a grid format like this in the past? What is the best method to output the count in the same grid format above, I guess a function would do it best? Thank you so much - as you can see, totally rabbiting on but want to get this working in the most efficient way and there's so many clever people out there. Thank you 🙂
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