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  1. JG, All is working now as it should thanks to your patience with me and all the hints and code you have so willingly supplied. This has been a wonderful lesson in php coding for me thanks to you. Have a great 2022 David Abineri
  2. JG, I am not trying to be difficult but, with much advice from you, I have solved my initial problem with ONE issue remaining. One of my forms needed to have the .php extension rather than .html since I was using a php specific function on that page. As a result of changing to .php I have lost the styling on a button I had on that page using a css style sheet. So, now the question becomes, How do I style a button on a .php page? I have been searching all day for an answer to this but none seem to work. What must be changed in order to use the same style sheet on the .php form? Here is what is in my css file: .buttonred { border: 1px solid red; background: #ff8040; border-radius: 30px; font-size:90% ; padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 10px; -webkit-border-radius: 30px; -khtml-border-radius: 30px; -border-radius: 0px; } Thanks again for any advice on this one. David Abineri
  3. OK, here is a question that I cannot find an answer to. When using the POST method, it seems that only data that was entered by the user is sent to the called page. How do I also include in the POST, variables that I have used on that page that were not entered by the user? Thanks for all the help. David Abineri
  4. JG, I believe I am following what you have said so far. However , I need to make the choice of the form to be loaded based on the contents of a text box, not based on radio buttons or checkboxes. I just can't seem to make this happen yet. Thanks again, David Abineri
  5. JG, It looks like you are using radio button here, not check boxes so does this only permit one of the two choices to be made? So choosing both is not possible here is it? David Abineri
  6. Thanks, JG, I will play with these ideas! Looks to be very useful information, thanks for all the suggestions. David Abineri
  7. JG, Thank you for your hints. I have not used the <code> tag previously, what is the advantage of using this tag? Why use it? What is wrong with my tags? What do you mean by "Tell the form tag to come back to this script. "? How is this done? Sorry for all the questions, still on the steep part of the learning curve. David Abineri
  8. I am clearly a newbie here but trying my best to understand all the comments that have been made. Here is what I am trying to do and UNDERSTAND. I am trying to load one of two forms (web pages) depending on the contents of a particular text box on a page already loaded. So, if there is a "1" the text box then form1 should load when the submit button is clicked and if there is a "2" in the text box then form2 should load. Perhaps you might give me suggestions as to where to begin researching the question. Can this be done in just html? Should I be using PHP? Should I be using JAVA? Some basic guidance would go along way to getting me started in understanding this issue. Thank you for guidance on this question.
  9. I am attempting to load one of two pages based on a value entered into a text box (it will be a number). Here is what does not work and I am looking for some help in correcting this. $x and $y and $number represent given numbers. Thank you. <tr> <td> Enter your number </td><td><input type="text" name="number" id="max" value="<?php echo $number ?>" maxlength="10" size="10" style="background-color:#ffffa0"></td> </table> <p id="max"></p> <script type="text/javascript"> function OnSubmitForm() { var larger = document.getElementById("max").value; document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML =number; if (val(number)==val($x) ) { document.form.action="form1.php"; } elseif (val(number)==val($y) ) { form.action="form2.php" ; } return true; } </script> <table align= "center"><tr><td> <button input name="Submit" type="submit" class="buttonlightgreen" onclick="OnSubmitForm()" >Click to SUBMIT ABOVE DATA </button> </td></tr></table> </form>
  10. In Visual Basic it is x$, y$ which is what caused this. Please elaborate on what you mean by the xy problem? Thanks, David Abineri
  11. It looks like I have a secondary problem along these lines too. I am trying to assign two variable each a random number but this does not work. Can you advise on how to accomplish this <?php x$=rand(1,100); y$=rand(1,100); echo x$." ".y$; ?> Thank you for your time again. David Abineri
  12. Thank you for that clarification, I was not aware of that but it makes sense. David Abineri
  13. Thank you, Barand. I know that php can be included in html files but what is the rul for name the file html or .php? Many thanks for these responses. David Abineri
  14. I am just trying to get a single random number to show on the page using this code which shows nothing for me. Any assistance will be appreciated. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html> <body> <?php echo rand(1,100); ?> </body> </html>
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