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  1. Its sorted now I got a footer.inc and a header.inc put the index.php script into the header.inc and added the include header.php thing at the top of every php page i wanted to link from. Thanks for the help guys. If you want any more info on how i did it i'll write a small know how on another post if you like Thanks for the help anyhoo guys. Appreciated EDIT: I was looking at the countdown timers for php scripts on this site... anyone know of any that go the minute? or the second even? or how to edit those that are there to do that?
  2. Hi, very new to php, and in need of some help http://www.renegadesofdeath.co.uk Thats my clan website for a game i play But more to the point, im having trouble getting the php to open any new pages (from the links on the left) to open in the main page. if($id) { include("$id.php"); } else { include("home.php"); } Thats all the php in the main page is. Im not sure how to add to it or anything. I want so that any links that are clicked on will appear where the homepage is. Sorry if this has been asked before, and any help is appreciated. Thanks RoB
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