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  1. What's your fee to rewrite my code for me? Re:


  2. Thank you. They are all on the same server -- different websites but same server.
  3. Hi! A ex-staffer created a functions file that emails to me, as attachments, CSV files of 21 elists in the MySQL databases of multiple websites. It creates one email per CSV file. I'd like to changed the code to send multiple files per email. (So can I save them in my computer by save-all instead of one at a time.) I've attached the current code. Instead of 21 separate emails, I'd like just 4, divided like so: 'website-subscribers' should include 3 attachments: 'media', '30days', 'footsteps', ‘dada' should include these attachments: 'blessings', 'booknews', 'dailyreflections', 'earlydr', 'eastdr', 'notify', 'eclass', 'prayernetwork', 'reflexiones', 'saints', 'sundays', 'download-link-users' should include these attachments: '30days', 'footsteps', 'gnm', 'es', 'media', 'wb', '7warriors' should be sent by itself. Please help! I'm in over my head. Thank you! email functions file.txt
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