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  1. AJM2's post in Help with javascript function return data on page was marked as the answer   
    I found this searching the internet searching for a way to convert compass heading to letters. I will look into php functions.
  2. AJM2's post in Incorrect datetime value: '2022-01-24T20:52:00.000Z' for function str_to_date was marked as the answer   
    Finally! I switched one field to timestamp and generate on insert. I also switched the lastrain date to a string since it comes in as a string.
    It is inserting every time the page is hit. So getting closer.
  3. AJM2's post in using php read from weather api and insert into mysql database was marked as the answer   
    I did try the print_r function I thought they were the same. I tried your suggestion and it worked!
    Thank you.
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