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  1. I couldn't wait for the weekend, I got a little time and I already did the test here correcting as mac_gyver had given me and everything went well. mac_gyver, thank you very much, really it was an error in the navbar not closing the <form> tag. Thank you to everyone who also collaborated and took the time to help me. Thank you so. Sorted out.
  2. mac_gyver, thanks for the answer, I didn't understand very well, but I will try to test this problem over the weekend, I apologize if I ask something silly, I'm starting in this type of programming and alone without courses, if you can be patient with a beginner I appreciate it. As soon as I test and try to identify the problem, I'll post it here. Thank you all. ginerjm, I'm sorry for the simplicity, I'm just starting so I may ask questions that seem silly to most, but for me it's very difficult to understand, thanks for the tips too.
  3. Hi, Ginerjim, I already did this in the post, I explained that after I changed the site from static to dynamic the newsletter and contact form, even when I press the send button, it does not send the email, these two forms when pressed the button should call envio_email_contato. php and envio_email_newsletter.php, I'm starting programming and I have many doubts but the best way to learn is by making mistakes and correcting, right, if anyone can shed some light on this problem, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, below is the address of the complete files created in gihub, please if you can download and test and can tell me where I'm going wrong without identifying, thank you. See you later and Thank you. https://github.com/rsdiasmrg/files
  5. gizmola, the e-mail sends correctly yes, I have the same file sent but the site is static, when I changed it to the dynamic form that I couldn't do it anymore, but the error is that send I press the send button (submit) it looks like the file that should be called to send the e-mail of this is not called for some reason in a dynamic way that I still haven't figured out why, I'll see if I create a github and post all the files there to see if anyone can help me. Thanks.
  6. Hello, good morning, follow all the files, if someone can simulate and tell me what is happening that does not send the email, I would appreciate it. I just deleted the email and password in the files envio_email_newsletter.php and envio_email_contato.php in the fields $mail->Username = ''; $mail->Password = ''; $mail->setFrom('', 'Attendance'); $mail->addAddress('', 'Robert'); I'm not able to post the files here, how can I send the whole project ???
  7. The problem is that when I enter the newsletter or contact page and fill in the data and click on the send or register button, the page returns to home and does not send any information by email, but I have this same site, without being dynamic and it works correctly , so I don't know why this way it doesn't enter the sending of the e-mail, that's what I'd like to understand.
  8. Good afternoon, I'm new here, I'm starting in php, html, css, I'm making my website, and I came across a first problem, I'm making it dynamic but without using a database for now, but I load the pages through: <?php function escolhe_pagina() { (isset($_GET['p'])) ? $pagina = $_GET['p'] : $pagina = 'home'; if(file_exists($pagina.'.php')): require_once($pagina.'.php'); else: require_once('home.php'); endif; } ?> My index.php looked like this: <?php require_once('funcao_escolhe_pagina.php'); // Function to Select the Clicked Page Dynamically require_once('funcao_escolhe_titulo.php'); // Function to Select the Title according to the Accessed Page require_once('funcao_escolhe_estilo.php'); // Function to Select the Style according to the Accessed Page // require_once('header.php'); // HTML data require_once('navbar.php'); // Menu Data escolhe_pagina(); //require_once('home.php'); // Body Data - Home or Other Pages require_once('footer.php'); // Page footer data ?> That is, it has the standard header, navbar and footer pages fixed using require_once, and chooses the page that can be home, contact, newsletter, etc. It is calling the pages correctly, but when I enter the contact or newsletter page it enters, but after filling out the form and it does not call the envio_email_contato.php page in the action and if I put a link instead of input button there it sends the e-mail but the contact data is sent blank, without filling, I don't know how to solve it if anyone can help me, thank you in advance. Roberto S. Dias
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