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  1. @gizmola and @mac_gyver Thanks a ton for the tips and info. I'm new to PHP and slowly figuring it out. It means a lot when people like yourselves go out of your way to help. Thanks again!
  2. @gizmola I'm trying to get the mail function to work so that I can email the checkbox values.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm trying to pass checkbox values to the PHP mail function. I've setup XAMPP and got the mail function to work before. Here is my html code below: <body> <div class="container"> <!-- Feedback Form Starts Here --> <div id="feedback"> <!-- Heading Of The Form --> <div class="head"> </div> <!-- Feedback Form --> <form action="secure_email_code.php" class="form-design col-md-4" method="post" name="form"> <h1>What's Your CO<span class="subscript">2</span> Emission?</h1> <input name="vname0" placeholder="Your First Name" type="text" value=""><br> <input name="vname1" placeholder="Your Last Name" type="text" value=""><br> <input name="vemail" placeholder="Your Email" type="text" value=""><br> <!--input name="sub" placeholder="Subject" type="text" value=""><br--> <!--<textarea name="msg" placeholder="Type your text here..."></textarea><br>--> <h2 >Questions</h2><br> <label>Fast Food?</label> <input type="checkbox" value="1" name="cbox[]"><br> <label>Home Made?</label> <input type="checkbox" value="2" name="cbox[] "><br> <input id="send" name="submit" type="submit" value="Send Feedback"><br> </form> </div> <!-- Feedback Form Ends Here --> </div> </body> My PHP code is echoing the results. Except for the mail function. Now, here is my php code below: <?php if(isset($_POST["submit"])){ //Checking For Blank Fields..conditional if($_POST["vname0"]==""||$_POST["vname1"]==""||$_POST["vemail"]==""|| (empty($_POST['cbox']) ) ){ echo "<h1>Fill All Fields..</h1>"; } else{ // Check if the "Sender's Email" input field is filled out $email=$_POST['vemail']; $name0=$_POST['vname0']; $name1=$_POST['vname1']; $name= array($name0, $name1); // Sanitize E-mail Address $email =filter_var($email, FILTER_SANITIZE_EMAIL); // Validate E-mail Address $email= filter_var($email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL); if (!$email){ echo "Invalid Sender's Email"; } //$subject = $_POST['sub']; //for (init counter; test counter; increment counter) { // code to be executed for each iteration; //} // init counter: Initialize the loop counter value // test counter: Evaluated for each loop iteration. If it evaluates to TRUE, the loop continues. If it evaluates to FALSE, the loop ends. //increment counter: Increases the loop counter value //foreach($_POST['check'] as $value) { // $check_msg .= "Checked: $value\n"; //} foreach($_POST['cbox'] as $value){ if($value == 1){ $value = " <h2>Fast Food</h2> <p>The stuff that kills.</p> "; echo " $name[0] selected: $value\n "; } elseif ($value == 2) { $value = " <h2>Home Made</h2> <p>Yum! There is nothing like a home cooked meal!</p> "; echo " $name[0] selected: $value\n "; } $body = "CFP Results\r\n From: $name[0] $name[1]\r\n, Email: $email\r\n, Results: $value\r\n"; } $to = "franklin120889@gmail.com"; mail($to, "CFP_DATA", $body, $email); //$message = wordwrap($message, 70); // Send Mail By PHP Mail Function } } ?>
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