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  1. I provide a TXT file that is in fact HTML, because HTML can not be directly uploaded - I get that Where this was posted, it for some reason was removed, but not by me ?? I have taken on board the suggestions given - And while I take a level of exception to the language used. It is unfortunate that what started as a simple request, becomes so patronising I may not as a newbie to this site, know its every rule or requirement, but I least expected to be playing mind games - Is this the norm here - to mob newbies and basically abuse them? It must make you feel so superior - My hubby was right Freaks IS APPROPRIATE for this site
  2. Thank you for a fully comprehensive replay... I'm going to hopefully answer this based on my understanding "For each drop down, what is the source of the data? Is it coming from a database?" Each drop down used (4) is integrated within the HTML, so no database is used. I know from research, this is a bad method, but the Excel converter, does what it does <select name="p1B3" id="p1B3" size="1" onchange="recalc_onclick('p1B3')" tabindex="2" class='ee104' style=' width:100% '> <option value="Vinyl" selected>Vinyl</option> <option value="R Vinyl" >R Vinyl</option> <option value="PVC" >PVC</option> </select> The value element is replaced by converter. But retains numeric value public side from the script above I used value by ID to create a Div statement (?) var sMaterial = document.getElementById("p1B3"); selectedValue = sMaterial.value; document.querySelector("#sMaterial").outerHTML = selectedValue; And this in turn becomes <div id="sMaterial"></div> At this point, the 1 page requirement has been maintained. Because the original site is not a CMS site, no SQL. So what ever goes up must be literally Cut'n'past The step from here is the reason for coming here - I am aware that there are many process of how to do.. BUT my background in Excel is not web programming I have been told by my husband that if it can be done from a single page position, it would need the HTMLDivElement - an error I keep getting. To be a modified Java, to pass the script over to PHP as a variable. Knowing this to be the wrong syntax... $Material = "<script>document.getElementById("p1B3")</script>"; <?php echo $Material;?> ... or for PHP to look up the ID from HTML Yes, in this case it's a single off the cuff e-comm addition to a web page. Ebay has a cut'n'past 'buy now' button the web owners want to use this, the idea is to graft what I create into the API and pass what ever over to their server to process I provide a TXT file that is in fact HTML. That shows on a button press the drop downs work, and calculations work and the right selection and values are correct. I have yet to work out how to reset the button. but the elements shown, would be whats passed over to a pay now button sheet.txt
  3. Okay... Thanks for your replay. And appreciate your time.. I am looking at the page suggested and already I am going backwards. I am simply no programmer. Excel to HTML by Excel plugin And several, several hours trying to work out the terminology required to then work out, how to then use Google to retrieve the script I have finally used This Ajax is now a massive step backwards and has layered a totally different language - And a mass of 'server' related issues, isn't helping. But to then read XML ?!! Sorry... I obviously asking a question I have seen various answers too, and proving my HTML page example of where I am, was pointless
  4. Thank you for the reply... I struggle with javascript, but managed to work that out.. I have gentleman who is not a web builder, showing me a site that was written in PHP. He wants a simple cut paste solution for his site, without the eye watering cost of getting somebody to do this. He was told cut and paste - Thats the background Ajax is anther OMG language that is looking to be a step backwards before PHP - Unless I have that understanding wrong <div IDs="#variables"> <--- this is a variable unattached I believe
  5. So to get help here .. I have to go through the BS of hoop jumping first? Why do I need this IS NOT what I thought this so called forum was about. - It's I need an answer, not play child games with patronizing jokes And IF YOU are the 'spokesperson on behalf of this pantomime', then I am wasting my time - Because no frekin' person here knows how to answer a BASIC question.. HOW DO I GET a variable from JAVA to PHP ?? I have JAVA variable that are shown to screen not captured by PHP - Even a soding monkey can drag down my working example and figure that out - YOU clearly can't So just go away,troll somebody else - Stop replaying...
  6. Are you for real? I am asking about Java and PHP in a forum about PHP and the best this place has to offer, is bluddy cartoon I'm done with morons
  7. You come to a PHP support site to be told you don't mention PHP, HTML or Javascript - wtf ?!! If this abusive reply is an example of help on offer here - No point of staying I quote "Does anyone have experience of passing Javascript to PHP that maybe can advise?" - Answer I thought - YES I have "Javascript that links to the HTML, and so can retrieve what is required using <div IDs="#variables"> - My situation, and why here In context "...the script must have those retrieved variables link to PHP and be transferable on to a payment API as a string (?) of whatever was selected and it's total price " - Oh look, I am here asking how to move a Javascript variable over to a PHP variable to use within a PHP API used in e-comm If this is not English enough for anyone - This already this site has issues
  8. Hi I wonder of anyone with HTML, PHP knowledge can help me ? Using Excel and two sheet lookup with dummy data, to create the dropdown select functions.; I then converted this into HTML Finally worked out how and added some Javascript that links to the HTML, and so can retrieve what is required using <div IDs="#variables"> - Button triggered (but need to workout out refresh updating) However, the script must have those retrieved variables link to PHP and be transferable on to a payment API as a string (?) of whatever was selected and it's total price - That's now over my head Does anyone have experience of passing Javascript to PHP that maybe can advise? The HTML file included in link below, is the product of Excel 2003, also included and an Excel 2019 version to test forward compatablity For some odd reason - I can not link an image URL or drop a zip file here ☹️ ??? Working example of the HTML - HERE
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