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  1. Yes, that's what I thought myself too. Since finished systems do not seem to be suitable for our purpose, I do as you suggest to start at the very bottom and build from there and up. I have come to understand that such a system that I thought of in the end is much more work than I could have imagined. I didn't know what CMS was until you said that word. I had to look it up, and then I found out. So it's probably a small CMS we need eventually. Anyway, thanks for the help so far requinix. Hope i can come back and ask for more if needed.
  2. Thanks, admin. Now it's probably placed more correctly. Yes, what we think of as the function of a page is just a simple page that tells who we are and what is happening. Too much movement and things that are moving are not cool, if you know what I mean. So initially a "pure" informative page. A biography page combined with the about us page, a discography page, where we play / what happens in the band, and a contact page for questions about the band and gigs. Then I come to a part of the task that I do not know much about. Is it possible to make a biography and discography page so that each band member can go in and edit text and photos? Or is there too much unsecured with a function like that? I would need a little introduction to how to do this. It is on a higher shelf than what I can handle without some information/training.
  3. Hi all I did not find a suitable place for this post. Therefore, I ask the Admin to move it if I have posted it incorrectly. We are a Band from Norway who want to create a website. Our genre is heavy metal and death metal. I'm the only one in the band who has some idea of how to do this, and how to use different tools. Sorry, some of them use some of the tools for this. I have some experience with HTML, CSS, PhotoShop and DreamWeaver. I'll probably get a page up to go, that's not the problem. The problem is to get a design that holds a certain standard. Inside my head I know almost 100% what it should look like, but do not get it out and down on paper or screen. Can I get help for this here on the PHP Freaks forum. We in the band have talked a bit about a design that goes in black and white with a dark undertone. It is possible I have made a mistake and asked too much, but would have appreciated both answers and help. I need help, and ask nicely if I can get it here? Sincerly Espen
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