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  1. Hi, This is a form for generating fee invoice for students that are enrolled in the classes. Current Situation (Picture 2): If I submit the form, the invoice is created for a specific month only (Only 1 record). (In this case only for the month of August) (Picture 3): This was done by filling and submitting the form 4 times for each month. I wanted to figure out a way in which I can generate fee invoices for more than just one month (August, September, October, November etc.) by submitting the form only once. Appreciate your help, Thanks
  2. WordPress Plugin: The School Management – Education & Learning Management I am trying to save a students record in the database. There are two fields (Class, Section) that were mandatory before, and because they were mandatory, so I had to select a value for both fields. The student’s record was saved in the database. But as per the requirement, I don’t need the fields to be mandatory. That’s why I made them non-mandatory fields. But now the problem is if I leave the class and section fields empty the student record is not saved in the database. After submitting the message appears as: Admission added successfully But if I check the database the student is not saved. Can someone explain what the problem might be?
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