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  1. Good morning everyone! I'm a student, and I'm struggling with an assignment. Part of the trouble is that all of the PHP code is provided for me and I am mostly guessing with my understanding. I was tasked with modifying it to match my table. I am also very inexperienced with WordPress, which doesn't help. I'm not looking for you to complete my assignment, just to give me a nudge so that I can do so. I have attached several screenshots. My Table the Code Snippet used to create the page, and the function added to the functions.php file. The View Students page accurately displays data from the database. The Add Student form allows you to complete the form, but it won't populate the database. I can do this manually through SQL, but the assignment calls for doing so using the form. Thanks everyone! --Exco
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    Good morning everyone! Newbie living in the northwest corner of Louisiana. I'm not a developer, I am a student (at 50 y/o). Just wanted to say HI --Exco
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