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  1. swatisonee

    Multiple data in a single record

    Oh thanks ! Where I get stuck is at the product_quote stage. But I am going to study your solution now.
  2. swatisonee

    Multiple data in a single record

    Hi. I have a product database w/ tables each for product series, model, sub-model and optionals. One item in each of these makes up one product. So Series K, Model 7, sub-model 2, optional 3 will be a product called K 7/2-3 .The permutations and combinations of these are all possible products. In the same db, I have a quotations table. Each quotation has a unique id / record. A quotation can include any number of products : it can have K 7/2-3, KA 561/1-2 , FPN 311/2-1 or it can only have KA 561/1-2 etc. Now I am stuck. Don't know how to a. structure the quotations table b. create a MySQL select so that one statement can make multiple selections . I thought of using a checkbox but that doesn't work either since the series/model/sub model/optionals must chosen sequentially. Any ideas I can follow thru ? Many thanks Swati

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